Navigating – A Bend in the Road


A bend in the road is not the end – unless you fail to make the turn.

So often we as leaders encounter a change to plans. That change is often unpredictable and sudden. The best leaders who not only survive, they turn it into an opportunity to grow the organization. What can you do to follow their lead?

  1. Never lose sight of the goal. Is your vision and goal personally and organizationally well defined? It is critical that your organization understands the end state and is able to clearly communicate it to others.
  2. Be optimistic and build confidence, but do it grounded in reality. If you haven’t read Good to Great and more specifically the section on the Stockdale Paradox – STOP now and go read it. It is a requirement for good business leadership.
  3. Take care of yourself without guilt. To often we put our own physical, mental and spiritual health needs last. Don’t. There are times for working all night or all weekend, but if you cant fill your own tank – you wont be able to fill others.
  4. We live or die together! This can not be your show. As the leader you have to make sure everyone knows how important they are to the mission and how critical it is for them to succeed in their role.
  5. Conflict. One of the biggest weaknesses of young high potential leaders is conflict avoidance. Of course we have all worked with those who look for conflict and seize upon it with the ferocity of a lion. Either will lead to the rapid degradation of the organization. If this is something you struggle with check out Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations. Two books that give you the guidance and tools you need to handle conflict effectively.
  6. Celebrate the wins! When the heat is on it is critical to find wins to celebrate. The team needs to feel the forward momentum and have hope that the future vision is obtainable.
  7. Never give up, there is always a next move. This one is is the hardest piece of advice to live out. We all have times that we want to be done and give up. Don’d do it. My best advice on this one – find a partner in business and in life who will help you never give up and push you past what you thought you and the team could accomplish.

(Some of this is adapted from the book Leading at the Edge by Dennis Perkins.)

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